Our Instructor


Professor Turtle White

Welcome to Matlock Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! I’m the black belt of our gym. I wanted to introduce myself to you so you can begin to feel like family when you walk in. Before I started jiu jitsu, I was overweight and leading an unhealthy and unhappy lifestyle. At the time, I wanted a change. I wanted to focus on improving myself and learning to defend myself as well. I started training in Gracie Jiu Jitsu in 2008 with Team Relentless. In 2010, I moved to Nashville and continued to train, expanding into first training with the gi. In 2020, I proudly and emotionally received my black belt.As my jiu jitsu journey continued from white to black, I trained and competed as much as I could all up until starting a family. I began taking on more of the roles of trainer, partner, and coach. I’ve assisted and worked with Bellator fighters, ADCC competitors, and world champion jiu jitsu competitors gear up and train for events.I loved the family that I developed through jiu jitsu over the years! It’s amazing the vast and various walks of life people come from, and still treat each other with respect. I don’t just coach or teach, I roll with all my students! I want people to be comfortable with me and gain that connection that I have experienced over the years with the help of others. My goal for everyone that walks through Matlock’s doors is to see and experience the family environment we’re cultivating, as well as help them unlock a better version of themselves.